McCarthys Wildlife Sanctuary

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    Would You Like To Donate?

    Your donation will go to the direct care of the animals that live at the sanctuary and to our rehabilitation program for any native injured wildlife that is brought to us..... more »

  • Rehabilitation


    We now have a clinic and a recovery room for the injured and orphaned wild animals that come to the sanctuary for rehabilitation..... more »

  • Leopard

    Wildlife Outreach  Programs

    Our Wildlife programs consist of nine animals which include the following: A Florida Panther, Scarlet Macaw, and much more..... more »

  • Visitors Information

    Visitor's Information     By appointment only!

    Looking for things to do in the West Palm Beach area. We are the number #1 rated attraction in West Palm Beach.... more »

  • Photo Gallery

    See pics of all our residents from the past to present here in our photo gallery!  Tigers, leopards, snakes, crocodiles and all kinds of birds!.... more »

  • Wish List

    Every item that you donate saves more money for feed,  and enclosure maintenance as well as for their enrichment..... more »